FCI geschützter Zwingername seit 2007             FCI served kennelname since 2007

I-Wurf Frühling 2020

LT/ LVCH Bastien Benjamin z Konajkova dvora

born 3th March 2016

HD excellent, ED normal, eyes free


2x CACT, LV Working Champion

More photos and videos on the FB Side from Petras Adeikis

J-Wurf Herbst 2020

Dockcove`s Rumrunner

born 27th May 2018, DK 19493/2018

HD A, ED 0/0, eyes free, PRA/DM/EIC

Markprove B begynerclass 1.prämie


I-Litter spring 2020


CIB Chesapeakeheart Cashew WDX

born 23th February 2013

HD excellent, ED, OCD normal, eyes free

PRA/DM/EIC CBP, L/L, Cardiac normal

JBP/R, markprove open, WT M, DT open, 1x CACT in CZ





Will be her last litter. The puppies will have a lot of working attitude!



J-Litter autumn 2020






AJCH Migwell Friendship Star

born 21th February 2017

HD B, ED free, eyes clear, PRA/DM/EIC/L/L clear

Temperament test full points