Wurfdatum 7. September 2016 - 1 Rüde


CIB Pond Hollow Vibrant WDX




Birthday 7. September 2016 - 1 male


BIS Am/ Can CH Remington Steele JH

HD GOOD, Augen free, PRA normal


Welpen / Puppies

Name Farbe /  color

Gesundheit / health

Prüfungen / Work

Chesapeakeheart E.T.

braun / brown

HD A, ED 3/3, Augen frei, Kardio normal

PRA, DM, EIC, ED/SFS normal

 BH, Brugsprove, WT E


BIS Am/ Can CH Remington Steele JH       
SN55170310, Light Brown
CH Pond Hollow Calico Key Largo 
SN12439707,  Dark Brown

CH Pond Hollow Casablanca

SM99089108, Tan

CH Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In

SF578526, Sedge

CH Silvercreek I Love Lucy JH 

SN11696010, Brown

CH Ashby of Shorewaters Bussy CD JH

SD806738, Brown

CH Rocky Creek's Just Sophie CDX JH

SM83917102, Light Brown

CIB Pond Hollow Vibrant WDX


ÖHZB CBR 188, Sedge

CH Chisholm Trail´s Backdraft Bay MH 

SR47674401, Light Deadgrass

Bay Oaks Hunts with Browning

SR36618001, Deadgrass

Bowie´s Coltsfoot Dancer

SR13240905, Deadgrass                                            

CH Pond Hollow Sea of Cortez

SR62033402, Brown

CH Pond Hollow  Continentale Divide

SR38049001, Light Deadgrass

CH MACH Pond Hollow Deck the Halls JH

SR23133606, Deadgrass